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In diesem englischen eBook lernst du alles über den Facebook Messenger. Du lernst, wie du ihn richtig einsetzt und, welche wichtigen Funktionen er für dein Business mitbringt. Der Facebook Messenger erleichter dir die Kommunikation mit Kunden, denn bei Fragen kannst du dem Kunden schnell und bequem über die Messenger App antworten und so mehr Conversions erzielen.

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  1. Introduction: How Big Is the Social Media Platform?
  2. Power in Numbers: The Business Capabilities of Facebook Messenger
  3. A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Facebook Messenger
  4. Facebook Messenger in the Larger Social Media Space
  5. How to Use Facebook Messenger to Benefit Your Business
  6. Advantages of Using Facebook Messenger in Your Business
  7. Summary /Conclusion


Today, we live in a fast-paced world. Everything changes and is suddenly not the way we used to know it. As the means and channels of communication were developing over the years, they were also tremendously transforming the way we do business. The world has seen quite a number of positively-disruptive technologies in the last few decades. Facebook Messenger is one such game-changer. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application used for peer-to-peer communication, i.e. sending messages from one user to another.

Although directly related to and often incorporated into the larger Facebook app, Messenger can be used independently. Ever since Facebook Inc. launched a separate app for messaging in August 2011, Messenger has grown exponentially.

For instance, statistics show that in the last three years alone, the use of the instant messaging app has increased six-fold from about 200 million active monthly users in April 2014 to a whopping 1.2 billion today!

Power in Numbers: The Business Capabilities of Facebook Messenger

Today, up to 3.7 billion people — i.e. about half of the world’s population — are using the internet. Out of this figure, 2.7 billion people are actively using social media on a daily basis, with Facebook Messenger scooping about 47% of the market share. This is a huge platform for marketing in business. It goes to show you just how many people you can reach if you go by these numbers.
As a business, Messenger gives you a platform to “get personal” with your customers, with a potential audience of more than 1.3 billion people from across the globe.

Over 89% of Facebook users access the social media platform using their mobile phones and other hand-held, portable devices, checking Facebook up to 14 times a day. This is a huge space businesses can leverage on using Facebook Messenger.Messenger enables businesses to reach their customers at scale, then further continue to communicate and interact with each one of them at an individual level in follow-up communications. Whether users want to get information regarding a new product or are reaching out to your customer care to resolve a business issue, with

Messenger you can customise your interactions with them to meet each of their specific needs.This takes you closer to your business objectives, one conversation at a time.
Unlike most apps for sending messages, Facebook Messenger can do much more than sending messages.

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