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In diesem englischen eBook lernst du alles über WhatsApps Tool „WhatsApp Business“ und wie du es richtig einsetzt. WhatsApp Business wurde speziell für Kleine bis mittelgroße Unternehmen entwickelt. Das Tool erleichtert dir die Kommunikation mit Kunden durch automatisierte Funktionen.

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    1. Whatsapp Opportunity: The New Hunting Ground For Businesses
    2. How Massive Is Whatsapp For Business?
    3. Why The Massive Number Matters If You Are A Marketer
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  1. Promotion Benefits of WhatsApp for Small Businesses
  2. Should businesses jump on the WhatsApp train?
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WhatsApp’s first step towards 2018 improvement is the WhatsApp for Business app. The app was launched on January and is available for select devices in select countries. An expansion to the rest of the world and to cover all mobile devices is said to be in the pipeline. With this new roll out, it is thus imperative that small businesses conduct a serious assessment into the potential that this new business tool offers. What can they tap from the available features to help them stay relevant in a market that entrenches itself deeper into technology with each passing day? If a business considers the new platform viable for its business practices, then it would be necessary to move with speed and become an early adopter.

So, what exactly is WhatsApp for Business?

It is a simple mobile app from the WhatsApp, the developers of the regular WhatsApp messenger. It aims to give the platform a business feel by departing from the usual casual conversations to more formal and sales driven consumers. It is designed to make the market experience easier for both the consumer and the seller. Think of it as a Facebook page for people operating on WhatsApp. Just like businesses find it easier to drive their agenda on a dedicated page, a WhatsApp for Business app will make it easier to message customers on WhatsApp. It is an improvement on the current WhatsApp groups feature that has more potential. It allows the business profile to look more professional with relevant details like addresses, descriptions, and web addresses. Business owners also have the power to set a greeting for users entering their profiles, set automated quick replies and away messages to notify customers when they are not reachable.

These operate just like the ‘Open,’ Closed,’ and similar display tags in a convenience store. The owners of businesses are also able to track down how many of the messages they send out to customers are actually delivered and read. This metric enables them to gauge customers’ response and their businesses’ overall performance. The App that has been rolled out is designed specifically for small businesses. These include retail stores, gear shops, online traders, service providers among others. The developers say a future version for large enterprises like airlines will be rolled out later.


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